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 Continuous improvement plans

We know that IoT applications are living systems! They need constant technological improvement and adjustments. And we carry out this follow-up for you, the client. 

If the customer needs the services of the thingable team! to develop and evolve your APP, you can hire the services of Continuous Improvement, through packages of Story Points


Requests will be limited according to the contracted SP package. Each package will be valid for 6 (six) months.

The customer may, at its discretion, request thingable! the use of this bank of SPs for the implementation of small developments to be incorporated in your APP, such as:

ícone thingable!

Interface adjustments

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Specific Interactions

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Scripts/reports elaborations

ícone thingable!

Data connections

ícone thingable!

And others.

Requests for these services must follow the following flow:

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