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Do you need help to implement your IoT solution?

In addition of the thingable! Platform we offer specialized services for the development and implementation of the IoT applications. Check out!

POC plataforma IoT low-code thingable!


Our specialists’ team can help on the conception and implementation of POC to your business. The POC’S are implemented in a way that your evolution be proportioned without


Customização de APPs plataforma IoT low-code thingable!


We quickly personalize the APP’s to attend the necessities of your business.

We work in that way, since the concept of the APP passing through the Design Sprint until their production entrance.

Consultoria plataforma IoT low-code thingable!


We have an area of Application Engineering with multidisciplinary professionals, that can help, the diverse profiles of clients, on all the chain of solution development IoT.

Melhorias Contínuas de APPs plataforma IoT low-code thingable!


We know that the APP’s are live systems! They need of a qualified team and dedicated to their maintenance. And you can count with our team to optimizations, adjustments and constant evolutions on your application.   

ícone thingable!

We use agile methodologies on the development of the IoT solutions.
We deliver more value in less time!

At thingable! the Agile Methodology is adopted, and specifically, the Scrum framework with deliveries on cycles for the service provision of customization, setup and continue improvement of the APPs. The agile approaches look for the understanding of the main

Problems of the client and the creation of solutions to solve them in a fast and effective way.


Instead of long phases of documentation writing, as a big and large software specification

It is made minor cycles of the scope understanding, followed by

draw, implementation, validation with delivery and client.


These interactions repeat themselves until that all the problems had been solved and validated. In that way, the client receives functional parts of software with highest frequency and have the opportunity of give more recurring feedback, ensuring so that the solution is attending the expectations.

Apresentação do esquema de Metodologias ágeis aplicadas na thingable!


We born as a “spin-off” of CONCERT Technologies. A group of companies with more than 40 years of experience on the market of Operation Technology (OT) of Real Time and Critics Systems on the utilities areas, Aerospace and Defense.

In a world extremely digital and competitive that demand a decision taking more assertive and agile, we offer a solution that enable an autonomous and simplified management, searching a cost reduction and possibility of scale the business.

We believe that encourage the quest for innovation, by technologies bet as the internet of the things, contributes for the sustainable growing not only of a business but of all the ecosystem. That’s why, our purpose it’s to “Democratize the development and sharing of the IoT solutions”.

Conheça mais sobre a plataforma IoT
low-code thingable! 

Conecte-se com as tendências de IoT e Telemetria Avançada

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